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Cecelia J. Bonwick is the pseudonym of Jane Smith

Cecelia J. Bonwick

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Hello and welcome to my page

It is lovely to have you on board. If you like mystery suspense fiction with a hint of romance, then you have come to the right place. My books do not contain graphic violence, bad language or explicit scenes. They will take you on many wonderful intriguing journeys with twists and turns across different continents. The characters will become your old pals. Accompany them as they embark on their journey of personal discovery while battling with extreme and often frightening odds. Some, such as the Shadow Series, have been inspired by the page of a cryptic message, handed down from my ancestor and passed on to you as a full fiction mystery. Some of these old friends will continue into another book or two of mystery for you to enjoy.

While you’re here, take a look around at the various pages. My blog will keep you updated on new developments and often some of my own personal life’s journey. Add your email address to my personal mailing list to receive these updates straight into your box. Please feel free to check out and join me on my social media pages!

When Monica’s father’s death is ruled a murder, she is the prime suspect and the handsome lead detective is set to prove his case. Her father's last message, a dire warning, sends her on a wild goose chase across the globe, with unknown enemies dogging her every move...

Her Fathers Shadow
(#1 Shadow Series)

My Story 

Leading an exciting life, Cecelia grew up in outback Australia. Living the life of a Gypsy as her foster parents traveled from station to station putting down bores...