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Cecelia J. Bonwick is the pseudonym of Jane Smith

Welcome, to my first blog post!

December 24, 2016

As the home-page says, welcome aboard!


I hope we have a wonderful long journey together.



Wow… Here I am. I never even imagined this journey when I first sat down to write my very first fiction novel eighteen months ago. A project I did for myself… but I will share it with you at the end of 2017… I have written dialogue stories in my head for years but was always too busy to put them on paper. Like reading a book, I used them as an escape from daily life; taking characters from one place to another; from one catastrophe to another… and finally somewhere along the road finding a happy ending while escaping or subduing their enemy.


My writing journey has been like that of a butterfly. First, the egg stage; I was surrounded by only a few books. My life dark and isolated. Then, like the caterpillar, I discovered how to read… then books. I devoured many, many pages. The chrysalis time of my life was spent rearing my children; taking care of my family; working… a time when I could only grab a chapter of a book occasionally. Now, as the butterfly, I can spread my wings and take other people on a journey… sometimes dangerous… sometimes sweet… but hopefully, never boring… and I get to read books so I can understand writing better.


In my life, my family are important and very special to me so I spend as much time as I can with them. My favourite hobby is writing. Does that mean I don’t take my writing seriously? No, but I LOVE doing it. So, it has to be a hobby. Right? Reading and learning comes a close second. I love teaching. I love and enjoy doing a vast number of activities. But as you have read, I am now disabled. Therefore, I have to prioritize on a daily basis.


Due to my amazing, but sometimes disturbing journey of my life, I have come to an important conclusion. I believe we need to surround our children with books... literal books... Don’t leave it till they start school and bring home a reader to learn how to read. I suggest start reading to the infant daily while it is still in the womb. From after your baby is born, put them in your arms and show them the pictures… point… yes, point to each word as you read. Have a pile of golden books or the ladybird readers to read to them. As my youngest children grew, we still had our family reading time each day.


After I finished reading them each their own favourite story, I read to them from the book I was reading… (gave ME a chance to do some reading, too. :-) ) This style of reading took them on many wonderful adventures… across a vast array of genres… introducing many different forms of and beyond my natural spoken language… they heard so many new words… classics; mysteries; suspense; bibliographies; romance… Now each adult’s genre of reading is different. But mine, although exciting… didn’t contain scenes that were unfit for a child’s hearing. If I came across something I felt was unfit, I skipped it. In addition, they were surrounded from a very early age by history, science, geography books and videos along with an array of musical instruments. Children are little sponges and in the years leading up to five, they have the capacity to learn twice as much as in any later stage. But never forget, no matter what age, we are always  learning.


Back then, my youngest two children had their own book shelf with their personal collection of books. The children also had their own school room, which, in itself was a library… books; read-a-long books with audio; recorders to record their own stories and computers to write them on.


As you may ascertain, I love books… reading and writing them.



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