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2017!! - New Year, New content coming soon...

January 2, 2017

Hello Everyone,


2017 has officially arrived. Not quite sure why 2016 was in such a rush to get to it but I am sure it will show us. I hope you all find something rewarding in each day, along the way.

At present, I am working on editing and proof reading “Her Father’s Shadow” so that it is up and ready for you to read at the end of February/March 1. It’s blurb can be found on the book section of this site. I am also in the process of writing the sequel to this book at present. So, between Editing, planning and writing, we have been busy. These books will be part of the “Shadow Series”.


At present, I have several different sets of series’ planned. The third book I wrote is “The Jewel of Dulahrane” which, between my daughter and I, we have decided, would be part of a series called the “Hidden Hell” series. This series, although also a clean mystery suspense, will have emphasis on Domestic Abuse which I know a bit about. I have great empathy for those people who have been through or going through such horrible ordeals. In this particular series, I draw from some of my own experience and a lot from being through such trauma, along with the fiction. Both series – “The Shadow” & “Hidden Hell” -  are set in more modern times… mostly 


The Third series, the “Rose Gun” Series, is different from both of these in that it is mostly set in the late 1800’s but is also clean mystery suspense. Now, the first book of this series is actually the first book I wrote, so was primarily written for myself and in away a tribute to my foster Dad who taught me to read on Westerns which gave me my initial love of books.


There is much planned for 2017… These are just a few of the things to look forward to in the coming year:

  • Book releases (as mentioned)

  • A ‘zone’ for member or mailing list (still considering which medium to use) for subscribers to get access to exclusive content  

    • A ‘Ceely’s Coffee Reads’ – Monthly short stories to read over your coffee.

    • A ‘Ceely’s Aussie Moments’ – Monthly very short to short yarns from the Australian outback.

    • Audio interviews – topics will be announced prior to uploading.

My ‘manager’ is planning for three of my books to be released this year – one from each series. All going well, the second book in the “Shadow series” should be getting close for release towards the end of the year. We may play around with the order of releases, though. All this depends on health and family commitments.


As I said on facebook one time, I would love to have the arms of an octopus with a computer for each set of arms so I can get down all the stories filed in my head. The sequel to ‘Her Father’s Shadow’ isn’t a brain stored story though… so it requires a lot more planning… while other stories are busting to be released. But they need to wait their turn.  

Behind the scenes


My stories are mostly fiction. But behind each story lies a grain of truth. Each story requires research. Writing is a wonderful discovery of new information. Fiction, in itself, is worked from one’s imagination and experiences. For it to be believable, it must be that… Believable. Facts used need be as close to the truth as possible. I found this out with my first book. My youngest son kept me honest. Types of guns and knives used in that era… typewriters back then… jeans – when were they invented?  I had never heard of the country I used for my second book until I needed it.

So, research is often needed… even for fiction.  


My first book was a total educational experience for me. First, I sat and wrote and wrote. I had one piece of paper with the date, my goal words and actual words written in a folder. Then I wanted to write better. This required looking at the advice of authors… not just one author, but many. Naturally, I couldn't take everything away from them all and put it into practice. This meant I needed to find what would work for me as an individual with my own personal needs and desires. Today, there is so much out there. Free Amazon books and Youtube videos, as well as advice on writing found on authors' webpages.


One thing I also learnt, is that sometimes our fiction characters don’t co-operate… regardless of our great planning.  Also, sometimes when something is supposed to happen and the writer doesn’t quite know how… the characters do. The writer goes, “Ahhh, that’s it!”


One thing that most authors agree on; to be a good writer in any genre, one must regularly read that particular genre.  Sounds great to me. Happy reading!




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