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Learning from the greats...

January 20, 2017

We are gradually getting into the flow of 2017 –   non-holiday mode! My schedule is set up. I just need to follow it! Which is often the hardest part...



Behind the scenes

My manager/daughter… Kadi… now isn’t she something? Have you seen the amazing cover she has designed for my book? Wow. She has done an amazing job. If you haven’t seen it, check out my Facebook page  – Cecelia  J. Bonwick Official (I'll also post a copy here) . She has really crafted something special. Knowing a little about how she has put this intricate cover together, I doubt I will ever be able to look at any cover the same again. Not only has she crafted my cover, but she works tirelessly helping me with the editing and proofreading. She is also setting up a way on my web-page for me to share a short story series (Cecelia's Coffee Club Mysteries) to those on my mailing list for free - so if your interested check that out, I will put the first release date up shortly.


My follow up in the Shadow series book 2 is taking shape. My protagonist starts out with more confidence after her training but still lacking confidence in her own ability to be part of the famous Black Ops Didji team. It is her first time in the field. The other members have been here before. An added complication is heading her way. The legacy of the Shadow will once again be lapping at her heals sooner than she thinks. Will she recognize the Antagonist before it is too late?

My draft  - the first in the Hidden Hell series – ‘Jewell Of Dulahrane’, which I wrote last year, has rested. Now it’s ready for me to start editing. There are many twists and turns in this clean mystery/suspense. My protagonist, academic and smart, starts out too trusting. She finds herself in an abusive relationship.  Losing the abuser is not an easy chore. She could be thrown in prison, or worse still, die in the attempt. 

Real Life in Australia


Many years ago, in the buggy and horse era, many chinamen had fruit carts pulled by horses. Some even visited schools. This particular day, Ching did his rounds of the town and stopped at the local school. He walked into the establishment, with a large basket of fruit, leaving his horse and cart at the gate. Some students, more intent on pranks than learning, unharnessed Ching’s horse, led him through the gate and re-harnessed the horse back up through the actual netting of the fence… Ching came back to find - horse one side – cart the other. Standing looking at the scene totally puzzled, his words to his horse were well remembered. “You get into fence… you can get yourself out of fence!”

What I have learned from other Authors


One of my favourite author is Madeleine Brent. Madeleine Brent is the pen name for British author, Peter O’Donnell (1920 – 2010). He was best known for the ‘Modesty Blaise’ series. (Female heroine action/undercover troubleshooter.) Most of his books under the Pen name of Madeline Brent were classified as historical romance. I would say they are also suspense/mystery. His writing had many twists and turns, moving from one continent to another as the heroine faced many challenges. My desire is to have my books reach his level of expertise.  So, I write to include many twists and turns to keep the readers guessing… sometimes they may guess a twist (all part of the fun), though, before the protagonist, through the actions and thoughts of other characters. ‘Her Father’s Shadow’ weaves across continents including Australia while tying two or more generations together in a dangerous and often fatal family legacy.

Something to take away


Do you suffer from writer’s burnout? In my journey as a writer, one piece of advice that I read comes to mind. We all have our favourite writing genres. And if we can write continually in that genre without burnout, well and good. But for the sake of just getting a book out onto the Market… that may not be up to the standard you or your reader desire… Well, that may not be the best thing for both concerned.

One author changes his writing genre so the brain has a break allowing it to soak up and fill up the empty bucket again with renewed ideas while he writes in another genre. He says that this may not make your fan base as prolific as writing one style of Genre. On the other hand, fans receive fresh novels because of his method. My first Novel written – first in the ‘Rose Gun’ series – (being released later in the 2017) – is set in the late 1800’s. Although still a suspense mystery, because of the time period, it required different information. So, this writing series will be my alternate brain restore so I can keep my writing in the more modern settings as fresh as possible.


The second piece of advice that comes to mind, is regardless, write every day or five days per week. Have a goal of a minimum number of words. And write regardless...

Another piece of advice I read is to write down items you see as you drive or walk around. My short coffee club story ‘Sale Sign’ (available soon) used this idea. Sale Sign, newspaper, crane, post box… you get the idea. Take this words and turn them into a story.


Kadi will also be doing a book review on my Blog called ‘Kadi’s Book Review’ as a regular feature - if you have some book suggestions you are welcome to send them in via the "contact us" page  -  freedom.


O.K. Everyone, take care.

Celia J.


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