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Developing a good story...

March 17, 2017

Welcome every one...I hope you are having a wonderful day.

A big hello to our new friends... thank you for joining us.

I am trying to get this newsletter/blog out at least once a week for you all. Please forgive me when I don't.


Our news:

We received our first shipment of paperbacks... "Her Father's Shadow". Oh, so surreal seeing the solid product and the printing company did a beautiful job... We were so excited! A company called Ingramspark who have a printing outlet in Australia printed them. We are waiting for one from Createspace to do a comparison between the two in print.

Life in general has been keeping us busy. We also spent a few days down in the big smoke... week 3 of uni is here... Still trying to catch up with last week... I am doing a pre-edit of "The Jewel Of Dulahrane" before my daughter and I do an edit together... and I am writing the sequel of "Her Father's Shadow".  Something feels not right with it at present... the characters feel like they are taking a stroll in comparison to my other writing so I am going to have to get the jigger on their tails and do some upgrading... I like my writing to have plenty of twists and turns... this story must give me that too... so I need to analyse what I have wrote and… up the suspense level in it... check my timeline again for my main character and make some necessary adjustments... Maybe I planned too much this time and didn't let the characters have enough leeway.

I am sitting outside our Chemist warehouse waiting on prescriptions. It's interesting watching people scurry to and fro... Taking in how they dress. Do they tuck in their shirt? That limp... how did they get it? That guy looking over his shoulder, walking fast and carrying something not in a bag... did he steal it? What story could the little old lady with the decorative small straw hat tell us? Listening to people’s voice patterns is a great learning process for writing. Tone and unique voice along with the type of words they use. All these observations can be used in writing.



This article contains:

Writing Tips:

  • Voice

  • Style

  • Arc

  • Hints

  • Reading Suggestion.


Writing Tips:


'Voice' in writing can be… if not careful… copycat... heck, we all have our favourite authors... to be our favourite, there is a reason or many. Some write using a fast pace voice... others create scenario that are so real we can smell them... see them... feel the suspense in every word they write. I love the good character catching or outwitting the bad character... so copying the voice of someone else we admire is understandable... I have many favourite writers and I hope I have learnt something from each of them. Yet each author should have their own unique voice that can identify them and their writing personally to their readers... It needs to define their own uniqueness... it separates them from others... Just as William Shakespeare's voice in writing can be identified from Robert Ludlum’s voice... so, in your writing, your own unique voice should set you apart from other writers... don't be an imitation of your favourite author... let your own distinct self come through... look for the pain and the joy that only you have experienced… that is within yourself from passed experience... draw on them... use your character to portray that inner unique voice.



When we look at the style of our favourite authors, we can make a list of what they use that we enjoy or appeals to us... not just the words... but the style... look at five or six of your favourite authors’ and favourite books... look at TV shows. What are your favourite movies? Why? Is it because the main character is strong, or funny, or fighting a personal weakness that you relate to? Dissect your reason why, over a broad range of your favourites. On a sheet of paper, draw two columns. Label one ‘likes’, the other ‘dislikes’. Write what draws you to these style of books, etcetera, in the ‘like’ column.

I love twists and turns with a red herring or two thrown in to keep one guessing who the culprit is ... I like some humour... I like to see the main character grow... a character who has a team behind them or someone in their corner.

Write also in the ‘dislike’ column aspects you don't like... be a real critic… don't use anything you dislike in your writing!



When we choose the role in our novel for our main character... it needs to be like a timeline... follow a sequence of events in an orderly fashion. I like a happy ending... mostly... so my main character will be in a good place... maybe... at the end of my novel.

The character can start in a bad place... broken and afraid... they make a determined effort to rise above their situation one way or another... the reader sees their raw emotions... the pain they feel that may be hidden from others... the fears they face... as they progress along that time line... sometimes slipping, but always getting closer to their goal at the end of the time line.

Sometimes, our main character has everything... except a nice nature... then the rug is pulled out from under them... an inner growth starts... Until the character reaches a new recognition of what is really important in their life... then a test strikes... will they revert to that nasty natured person or do they deal with it differently...

The arc of your Protagonist/main character is very important. There are so many scenarios. Although your character takes you on an unexpected journey along the way, the planning of your main character's arc is very important... it takes your story from A to B... the character takes you on the journey... work out where your character will be along that arc/time line... for each chapter... then you need your supporting characters... and the antagonist...

The antagonist/enemy of our main character may be an old friend from the time the main character wasn't a nice person... back to pull him/her down... or someone after him/her because of something they did in that nasty stage of their life... maybe causing their antagonist to lose their job... their marriage... issues with a sick child… The antagonist might even be a vice that the main character is battling against.



The shower is often a chore for those who are disabled. Hair getting in eyes while trying to shower...  towel forever falling off head while drying off... wet hair dripping on body making clothes stick and hard to dress... I have found two items invaluable for my bath time in conjunction to the normal shower stool to sit on, etcetera.


1. The first is a shower cap. Yeah, how's that? A shower cap in the shower...? So original!  Actually, I use it OVER my wet hair... for two reasons.

     A. The shower cap stops my long hair falling over my face  

           while I shower. This helps me use less energy...

     B. This shower cap also stops my conditioner from being                    washed out prior to its time. I then take it off... rinse it off... 

         hang it up. I just turn it inside out when I use it next.


2. The second item is my towelling hair turban. Once I have rung my hair out and I am out of the shower on the mat, I wrap it around my wet hair and fix it in place. It is lighter than a towel and is designed especially for the job. This not only stops my hair getting in my road as I dry off but helps eliminate water dripping on me therefore that drip can't make dry clothes stick and frustrate me… using energy I don't have.

Many aids can be expensive. But often some of the cheap places carry long handled back scrubbers. Aldi in Australia occasionally have a day of disabled equipment... shower seats, walkers, wheelchairs etcetera.


Kadi's Reading Suggestion:

I've really enjoyed reading and re-reading  Julie Klassen's 'The Silent Governess" . To be brutally honest when I first read it I was pretty young and found the first few chapters a little slow moving, but before long it had me intertwined in the story and I've never looked back.   It is about a young woman who finds herself a potential murderer, fleeing her home in fear. She thinks she has finally caught a break when she overhears something she ought not and is forced into the employ of a family with secrets to hide at all costs.  It is a Clean Romantic Suspense and is a must read. You can get on Amazon here... ~ Kadi ~


Well That's Is all for today

Take Care

Cecelia J.



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