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A Moment of Inspiration and the Story Begins

April 19, 2017

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Our full moon here in our rural Queensland town was astronomical… My youngest son said that going to work last Tuesday morning, it looked half as big as one of the mountains near it. He couldn’t take a photograph due to driving and time. It didn’t co-operate the next morning when he went early to try and capture it.


This week

  1. Learning from the example of love

  2. Whatever you do and say will be written about

  3. Kadi’s review

Learning from the Example of Love

Many of us look back on factors and people who shaped our lives. As many of you know, for me, my father had a large place in instilling a desire to seek out knowledge.

Although from the past – born in the early 1900s, he was very forward thinking… possibly even more so than I was. If he bought me a gift that seemed to be gender specific for the kitchen/home, he would apologize and explain that it didn’t mean I should be stuck in the kitchen. Yet, that aspect never worried me… my family were/are so precious, my aim was to make them happy at any cost… feel loved… within a framework of discipline. Something I learned from him.

At times, I managed to con my parents to home school me. Mum was supposed to be my teacher, but she was not a teacher by any means of the word. Her life revolved around her singing and any piano when she got the chance to play, so I got free reign of the scrub. Dad, when he had time, taught me so much. Most of dad’s teaching methods were way after his time and I saw some of them appear in the education system when I was working in the state school system as well as during my time teaching my youngest two. I was allowed to read everything he read and any books I choose but comics were never allowed in my home. He said that comics gave the artist depiction of the story. I needed to imagine the story the writer was taking me on for myself… not a version presented to me by someone else.

One issue he should have addressed, though, was an independent study of pictures. Lol.  When I learnt the love of reading, my world revolved around words on a page and the play out of the story in my brain. Since now some of my learning revolves around translating a picture to see what the artist is saying… minus the story… I need to conscientiously focus on the picture to analyse it and understand what it conveys.

He also taught me a lot about giving… not so much in a material sense or in the physical sense… but as in doing things for those one loved. He was always community minded. And when he retired, decided the streets of our little town needed sprucing. So, with the council’s permission, he planted lawn and trees in the small main street. It sort of got him a job, not only watering and caring for them, but also keeping the streets clean. So, he decided a 5 am start was the way to go so that it was all spick and span for the community each day. This started with his service to his family… mum and I… First, while we were in bed at some ungodly hour, we were presented with warmed water and a warmed towel so we could have a wash. Then we were served tea and toast.

In today’s world, that is quite simple, but back then, the wood stove had to be started… water boiled on the stove… and the towel held up so it was warm… Years later, as an adult, coming in from the bush for a day’s shopping, I naturally visited him. He would, more or less, demand we sit down while he served us a simple but delicious meal. At this time, he had moved into the larger nearby town. Even then, despite his age, he mowed the Senior Citizen’s lawn until his accident.  


Whatever you do and say will be written about

Today, I am going to answer a question many authors get asked… where do we get the inspiration to write a novel.

Now this is how it is... Let’s say you are driving on a long trip… or it could be looking out over


your back fence… but for now, you stop the car next to a farm to swap drivers. It is drizzling rain. What appears to be a farmer on his tractor is to your left in the field. On a closer look, you see the person isn’t driving a tractor but a back-hoe. Ok… this screams at my imagination. Why is this person out in the rain? What is he/she covering up with the back-hoe? I could write a suspense mystery on that bit of info alone. But let’s say you see a pair of women’s high heels strewn along the road just a hundred meters further on…  Or on the other hand, say you continually see a van with a covered in back that is often parked in a spare allotment next to your house… or the neighbour introduced you to her partner who drives a white four-wheel drive… since then you have seen three other ‘partners’ but they all drive that one car… or a door and doorway sitting without any other house fixtures in the middle of a secluded shrub…  

In everyday situations that most people ignore, authors see these normal things… hear these normal things… smell these normal things… but because we are ‘always writing 24/7’, every event becomes flagged… and the imagination juices start.  If questions are added to the equation, you can turn anything into a story. Why, what, when, where, who and how questions… to write the story, the answers we imagine often will not relate to that real momentary inspirational event.  We invent our characters… the journey they take… sometimes this can be changed as they can often have minds of their own and take us on their own adventure… not ours… So, a full a five-minute or less encounter/incident/view can become the basis for a novel. Even a random conversation with a friend can set off a flag.

Since that means authors are forever having inspirational moments, this can be hard if it hasn’t anything to do with our current writing… so it must be stored safely for another story. So, I have folders of these inspirational prompts. Maybe you are in one… lol.

This doesn’t mean that every word or chapter comes easy for an author. That idea is just the starting point. Just like a dam that starts with planning… one scoop of dirt, and a lot of hard work to remove the rest of the dirt… until it becomes a massive dam, so too does a novel take planning… then it is written one word at a time… one idea… one chapter… till the novel is finished. Then comes the editing and proof-reading. But, you, my reader, never know when you, yourself… what you say… your mannerisms… your actions actually contribute to that one moment of inspiration for an author… Whatever you do and say will forever be held against you… under another name... maybe. Lol.


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Kadi’s Review:

Hey Guys! Today's review features ... "The Hidden Son" by Diana T. 

Benson. Now straight up, as note of warning, while this book is 99.9% clean there is one or two curse words....

When a DEA Agent Lelisa Desmond uncovers a criminal scandal close to her boss, he has the power to make it go away, permanently. When the first attempt on her life ends in a friend's death, she is thrown into Inspector Alec Dyers radar. With everyone else willing to turn a blind eye, Lelisa must work out if she can trust the inspector, and then somehow expose the scandal before it's too late....

This book is a great fast moving read. It is realistic, believable and captivates it reader with it's thrilling story. 

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