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Chapter sequence and Writers Block

May 3, 2017

Hello Everyone,

How has your week been? Did you have a lovely and safe break? We did. We did a day trip over to Hervey Bay taking the canoe up on the roof rack. My youngest son had a spot picked out in a small estuary supplied by tidal water. We then visited some of the beach area and drove home.


Our Beautiful Bunya Mountains, Queensland, Australia

On Monday, we visited the Bunya mountains. A beautiful site well-known to the tourists. And the main car park was jam packed with other visitors. The Bunya turn-off is four kilometers from the pretty little town of Kumbia. The road doesn’t allow for caravans as the road is very winding, steep and extremely narrow in places.

As one drives up, the sweeping mountain views are breath-taking. The vegetation changes very quickly and one is greeted with ferns and other beautiful plants on both side. As one gets closer to the main hub of the Bunyas, there are many different side areas to drive in, park, have a picnic and take one of the beautiful walks. These walks are of different lengths and are not for the weak-hearted as the terrain is up and down. For those who can do the walks, it is a rewarding experience.

At the main tourist section, there is a café, amenities, and holiday homes as well multiple picnic areas. Often, some of the native fauna



comes out and allows us happy snappers to take photos. We have been often joined by parrots, other small birds, wallabies, and bush turkeys at several of these camp locations. This top area also has a walk…  which has an extended walk as well. This usually takes about two hours to complete especially if taking photos.

The Bunyas can also turn cold and are a lot colder than the surrounding areas. So, a warm coat and other protective clothes are a recommendation. Also, ticks can be a health hazard, along with other biting insects, so an insect repellent is a must as well. These ticks can be paralyses ticks. So, even with the insect repellent, I like to change and shower after visiting, putting my clothes straight in the wash.

This not only protects me but also my pets.

Naturally, with our Australian sun, it is advisable to wear a hat and sunscreen and also keep a look-out for any snakes that may feel you are trespassing on their land. Read the signs which also advises not to get close and friendly with the flora as some may bite.

Now, all the nasties are far out-weighed by the sheer beauty of the area. Since I am disabled, I sit and enjoy the atmosphere and scenery while I write or read. All that scrumptious fresh mountain air… My family share their experiences of the walking trails with me along with their unique photos. I will ask my daughter to share some with this newsletter.


Writer’s Block and Chapter Sequence

So, while the family did a spot of fishing and canoeing at Hervey Bay and walking up in the Bunyas, I sat contented typing away on my tablet. I added a few more words to the sequel to ‘Her Father’s Shadow’.  In this particular chapter, a few of the characters meet their dismal end. The death of favorite characters is always a hard-write… Us authors tend to get attached to their imaginary friends! We do spend hours and hours with these characters… know their good points and their secret faults… right to the core… So even when the antagonist meets their end, it isn’t easy for the writer.

I often write these chapters as a stand-alone chapter. What I mean by that is that I write it before or even after I am due to write that chapter. I might write it after chapter three or even write the whole book bar that chapter and then come back to it.

I often do this with other chapters as well. Since I have already planned the general gist of the story into chapters/sections, I know what each chapter will mostly contain. Besides, I often lay in bed nutting over a particular part I want in my story… along comes an idea out of sequence that I don’t want to lose. So, I have to get this idea down on paper… well, digitally, anyway, on computer… before it disappears into that folder that hides everything in my brain and won’t give it back…

I often read about ‘writer’s block’. Now, I can’t say I have never suffered from it, but I can say I have suffered from it rarely. Often, if my brain is having a siesta, I will read back through what I had previously written to find my train of thought. The other thing I will do, as I spoke about before, I will write a chapter out of sequence.

Really, it’s not out of sequence because I have my chapter templates numbered and set up prior to writing… but I jump around and write maybe a section for a part that I am more familiar with in my imagination… this way, the momentum of writing keeps flowing and the imagination pulls from this chapter both sides or even further, so that I can then go back and write the previous chapter/s.


To recap: re-reading and writing a chapter to pull the imagination into gear are two ways that help combat ‘writer’s block’.

Now, I mentioned my MS word template… for those of you who are new to this newsletter, this is what I do… or should I say did. I have set up a folder which contains all I need to write a story in an organized manner. It contains a folder with all my individual chapter template in MS word format numbered from 1 to 14 in numerals; an excel doc. formatted so it keeps my word count tallied; an MS word word-list template to use for editing; a template to add the chapters to when the book is completed – this template does require some editing; my character planner template; my story planner template and a folder for researched info. I also have a template ‘book’ in OneNote to help me be organized as well.

This means I don’t have to start from scratch for each new book – just copy and paste it into the folder with the new book name, organize my word goal and dates in excel; plan my story and write each individual chapter already labeled. This template folder saves so much valuable writing time. I learnt this the hard way.


Here is the link for my OneNote template – remember you need OneNote to use it:

Download Here


Next week, I will share my general writing folder.


A little reminder for those who procrastinate this week – Next week only has seven days in it as well. Lol.


Kadi’s review:

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TC Kadi


Enjoy your week

Cecelia J.






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