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May 20, 2017

Hi Everyone,

What has your week held for you? Ours has been a conglomeration of medical appointments and driving to said appointments. It is gradually getting colder here… winter is nearly officially here so I suppose that shouldn’t come as a surprise. We are getting ready for our next free ‘one day’ download of ‘Her Father’s Shadow’. It will be on Saturday, 20th 6p.m – 21st 6p.m Australian Date/time or for other locations the 20th May PST...check out the details below and to redeem click the image.



This Week:

  1. Making Characters

  2. Arc of a character

  3. Links to book sites

  4. Link to free download for writing templates.

Making Characters:

Ideas for a story often come with a main character in mind. But all characters need to be made real, have an arc and help the reader feel the story through their own eyes… their ups and downs… emotions of joy and pain… the roller coasters of their life… the nerves as a bullet is coming for them… their heart feelings as their best friend walks away forever… watching a loved one die… So, our main characters need to have a foundation – structure – and uniqueness… One author described it as being like an onion – layers upon layers of personality., is ‘a website about Psychological Type, created by the view from the shoulders of Carl G. Jung, and the work of Isabel Briggs Myers, creator of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)’. It gives four individual segments which gives sixteen character bases – and each of our foundations comes from one or a combination of these bases… A great starting place for creating our main characters as well… But that is the base... the foundation. Then we need to add structure… environment, genetics, childhood, deaths, births, experiences and events during a life time… their uniqueness – Speech, dress, walk, favourite colour, sayings, music, hobbies, career, choice of friends, idiosyncrasies, and choices in life… all these factors contribute to the make-up of our characters.


Then we have the arc – We need to pin point where we start the main character’s story… Their age; where they are at in that current moment in all aspects of life; physically, emotionally, spiritually, mentally… that is the beginning… Where are they going to be at the end of a story? Then fill in the blanks along the way. So, there needs to be a total contrast from when your character’s story starts to when the story finishes.


A great example of a character arc is in the novel – ‘Woman of Substance’ by Barbara Taylor-Bradford.  The main character is a maid in a castle. She falls in love with one of the sons and she becomes pregnant… he ditches her mainly because she is only a maid in the family’s eyes… she runs away before her father finds out… to make her way in the world by herself… her substance is shown as she battles the highs and lows with an insatiable drive. Emma finds and loses love. Gives birth to children. Gradually, she changes her position in life, one step at a time, until she is powerful and rich… rich enough to buy the mills owned by her first love’s family. Richness though, doesn’t make life plain sailing for this amazing lady.


So, here, the arc starts at a low – poor, pregnant and spurned… she takes us on an amazing journey. Our main character of substance, Emma Harte, takes on life… the end result – although she still has the hassles of life, she comes out powerful and rich.


In my own book, ‘Her Father’s Shadow’, Monica, a teacher, naïve and an introvert, starts off in a cozy world but the loss of her father changes that… she finds her father has secrets… at first, she thinks that it is just an age-related issue on her father’s side… until her father’s death is ruled as a murder and she is suspected of murdering him… She finds the Shadow her father warned her about is not only real… but this assassin wants her dead at any cost… all she wants is her quiet life back… but that is not to be… As the story unravels, she is pushed out of her cozy comfort zone. She unwillingly is pushed to find within inside herself a strength and preparedness she never knew she had for survival…

Therefore, we see that the arc of twenty-five-year-old Monica goes something like this:

  • starts out in a comfortable zone - quiet life, teaching and going home to the place she loves at every opportunity she can, to be with her father.

  • Ends Monica’s quiet life is shattered and she can never go back since she becomes the endless target of the Agency and their assassins for hire.


  • she learns she is a survivor with strengths she never knew she had.

How she gets to this point is built upon through-out the telling of the story.

Therefore, the main character/s arc take us on a journey of discovery. So, you need to get to know your characters inside out… get into their heads… then portray each aspect to your audience throughout the story. Thoughts, feelings and actions…


Books Promotion Links:

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Clean Books - Often it is hard to find books that are not sexually graphic that don’t contain swearing and gory violence. So, I was pleased to find this site.

Scroll down to the bottom and pick your genre to find the links to some terrific books (Including mine!) that are clean.


Free Writing templates download:


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