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A Weighty Topic

July 4, 2017

Hello Everyone! 


Our News:

        Hope your week was productive. Kadi and I started on the edit for ‘Jewel of Dulahrane’ this week. Four chapters down. Ten to go. The sequel to ‘Her Father’s Shadow’ is progressing. The sequel is called ‘The Return of the Wildebeest’ and is mostly set in Namibia. A mystery suspense, it naturally has a few bad guys/sheilas in it. Not all the characters from ‘Her Father’s Shadow’ make it to the end, I am afraid. Kadi keeps threatening me… if this character… or that character… is done in, she won’t upload the books for me… so I am being held to ransom. Lol.

        As one of my newsletters brought out, Kadi and I were exploring eliminating sugars from our diet. We have successfully done that. And feel better for the sugar free way of life

(please note: we are not qualified dietitions or medical practitioner so always seek the advice of your GP before making dietary changes).

     We were given a complimentary bottle of juice when we stayed at Bribie Island. My youngest son drank the majority of it but Kadi and I also had some… the repercussions were almost instant… our energy dropped to total fatigue crash mode. It was a good but rude awaking to listen to our own bodies.


The Weighty Debate:

        Many of us want to lose weight but we also want to be healthy and lose weight in a healthy way. This can be hard if one lives in an area that doesn’t have grass fed meats or organic vegetables available. Much of our food is fed chemicals, hormones and antibiotics. Most of our vegetables are sprayed with one thing or another which isn’t really good for human ingestion. There is a specific withholding time for most of these procedures. Yet, some people are not so honest with that and food can land on our table way before the holding time is complete… different countries have different withholding times…


      Now, our skin is an absorber. Therefore, often what goes on our skin is absorbed into the body… I have been told those absorbed items by-passes the liver  But I have never found a liver in a plant anyway… my reasoning is if our skin can absorb, so can plants absorb the nasties sprayed on them. Animals ingest the chemicals which pass through the organs and I believe these chemicals are stored in the fat. Makes one wonder about that beautiful marbling effect in some cuts of specific steak. lol

     I always blamed the hormones pumped into chickens for many problems. But was informed by a nurse that beef contains more. This was a hard one for me… I grew up with cattle that ate grass… not grain… and they never had pellets in the earlobes either. Another aspect one can be dubbed with is grass fed beef… as I said… used to be how cattle ate… now some can grain fed to get the weight up… then legally shove them on grass for a certain number of weeks and get to call the meat ‘grass fed’.

      Eating is a necessity.  So not eating isn't an option. Therefore, all I can say, is listen very carefully to your own body. Each of us are unique and our body deals with food and food intolerances in different ways.

     Kadi and I want to be healthy and lose the weight. For us, that has been a journey of many necessary cuts. Analysing on a daily basis what has worked… what hasn't work… and what we need to do to make our diet work. That means a food journal.

     We also do what most dietitians say ‘don’t do’. We weigh daily. Not only does this keep us focused but also gives us insight into foods that may have a negative impact. For myself, with a heart failure issue, this also gives me insight into any food culprits that make me retain two kilograms or more of fluid overnight.

     Now, for most people, what Kadi and I are doing would strip kilograms of them in a week. For us, weight loss is like extracting hens teeth… nearly impossible.


Our Strategy:     

     This is how we have attacked the weight issue. We started with eliminating sugars and gradually subtracted the other items from our diet.

1.    Eliminated sugars – added sugars plus dextrose, maltose, high fructose foods etcetera.

2.    Calories limited to 1000  to 1400 per day

3.    Eliminated gluten

4.    Low Carb control

5.    Portion limits for Protein, Carbs and Fats using individual body type profiling.

6.    Drinking heaps of water

7.    Omitted intolerance foods

8.    Limited dairy and salt

9.    Introduced more salads and fish.


    From the beginning of February till now, our target was roughly an 18 kilograms loss. Our actual weight loss is nearly 13 kilograms. So about 5 kilograms under what we aimed to lose. Regardless, it is a loss so that is a plus. Our journey will continue…


The Results give a valuable set of lessons:

     I think the journey we have needed to take to lose weight shows that everyone’s body is different. Many can cut out the sugar groups and lose… or go low carb and lose… but sometimes when other medical conditions are involved… including pain, sleep issues, medications and disabilities… it can be a battle.

     Mostly, Kadi can exercise and do mountain walking. I need to limit my exercise to Oxycise breathing or simple stretches on a good day. These are also factors that affect my weight issue.


Valuable Lessons:

     The journey so far has taught me some other valuable lessons.

1.    Sugar is hidden in so many produces... Even crushed garlic so read    the labels

2.    Gluten is hidden in so many products…

3.    Many people have food intolerance that can interfere with weight       loss.

4.    Low-fat foods… they often contain more sugar… more salt… than the regular product. Makes sense. If one loses weight, one wouldn’t need to buy diet food… producers wouldn’t make money.

5.    Fat storage can be a way out for the body to protect itself from toxins. Our everyday healthy food can be laden with chemicals and overload the liver system. The body’s protective instinct use fat to store the poisons.

     Once, I could lose weight relatively easy. Apparently, not any more. So, with the above information, I really feel sorry for overweight people… for anyone trying to lose weight... looking at the diet industry to help them. When I see an obese person now, I wonder what sad journey is behind that often-bright smile…

     I am fortunate to have Kadi assist me as my diet buddy on this journey. She does so much research for us.


     Here are a few links that may be of assistance in your own health journey.


     The top two links are both programs run by Isabel De Los Rios. The ‘diet Solution’ gives the user the ability to work out whether they are protein, carb or mixed along with calorie break down serving sizes for these three types, recipes, journals, etcetera.

     Atkins have low carb recipes, food lists and other support tools.

     The last two links are based around information for ditching the sugars.

Always remember to consult a doctor before starting any form of dieting or changes to your medication. Sometimes due to weight loss, a person’s medication needs to be monitored closely by a doctor. Why? Weight loss could lower the dosage in some medications. So work closely with your doctor.

     Kadi will give you the low down on a weight tracker app we have been using.

Kadi’s App review:

Hi Guys... so this week I am doing an app review - something new :-) . For the last 3 years I have been tracking my weight/measurements etcetera using "Weight Track Assistant". It is a free app (with ads from time to time) that allows you to set goals, track weight, measurements, before and after photos, track meals, water. It also feature challenges that you can choose to do as well as provides some great resources to improving our lifestyles. There are a few different features like bmi calculation, charts, and graphs... all the fun stuff. Now you can only get this on Android, so IOS users I'm really sorry... You can get it from Android


Take Care



Well that is all for today guys.



Take Care

Cecelia J. 







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