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Strategy – Do we strategies effectively?

August 13, 2018




Definition of the word strategy – “Strategy is a high-level plan to achieve one or more goals under conditions of uncertainty.” *


In the world we live in, we do contend with conditions of uncertainty – do we strategise effectively?


Personal Info:

     I have been off air for several months now due to dealing with different medical issues including eye issues. The eye issues… lens changes etcetera both at different times… caused issues with writing and viewing the computer/device in general… but I will be slowly easing my way back into doing my regular newsletter now I have eyesight and suitable glasses again.

     This year has been a busy year in every sense. My youngest son got married to a beautiful sweet young lady… a divine beach wedding. We have been travelling out west… some gorgeous sunsets out there. We also did four days last week in Redcliffe, Queensland… about two blocks from the sandy inviting beach. Listening to the birds singing from our unit was lovely.

     Now, being a bushy, driving in the busy areas close to Brisbane is a challenge but my youngest daughter and I did it! We did use public transport to venture into the inner suburbs near central for my appointments… but we drove to other venues looking for craft products.

     In addition to my writing, I have started doing some card craft… I am still exploring ways of doing the cards. I seem to love so many methods… card on card… acrylic painting… water painting… my daughter is trying to keep me in a simple design… I tend to get carried away… if I just add this… and this… so they end up complicated. Lol. But I am hoping the recipients are grateful regardless at my amateur attempt.



     We make plans and goals but without a strategy, our plans and goals can fail. So, strategy comes into play in all areas of our lives if we want to succeed.

     An example could be writing a novel… now a plan of attack… Why do I want to write? When will I write? Where will I write. What will I write? How do I find the time?       

     Writing a novel needs strategy. It doesn’t matter what genre or size book you intend to write, you need a plan of attack.

     How we strategise in our lives depend on our everyday living – we all get 24 hours per day – how we spend it is an individual thing. We need to examine our schedules… take into account our family’s and other important activities… to find time that can be exclusively for writing.     

     That deals with time/when… we can write… how often we can write during the week.

  • Where we are going to write

     Maybe you like the comfort of your home to write in… while your children sleep. Some like to go to a library or a café or park to write.

  • How many words do we plan to write each day?

Formatting a Microsoft Excel sheet is great strategy to get those words completed… Across the top of the page put these headings.

     # date

     # chapter number

     # number of words desired

     # actual words done

     # number words left to do.

       In the column “words to be desired” I put in the number of words I need for each chapter. That gives me an idea how I am going within each chapter. This plan gives me a strategy to leave a chapter I am having difficulty with and move on to a chapter that is more vibrant in my head. Then, by viewing what I have accomplished in the “Actual Words Done” column, I won’t forget to complete that chapter at a later date.

     This strategy also enables me:

  • to keep going with my writing – complete my allocated words for the day - without sitting and agonising over what to write next in that other chapter.

  • keeps the flow of writing progressing… I also use this strategy if I find a chapter hard to handle emotionally. I write around it… but I can see at a glance that I need to go back and do it at some point.

     One strategy I read for writer’s block says that we should stop writing… when we have our daily word count done… but with the story still flowing through your brain. Next day when you start writing again, you have something to start with so the juices flow… Sometimes I can follow this advice… other times, I need to get the story down while it is fresh in my mind.

     An important strategy to tackle our writing making it real for the reader, means:

  • chapter by chapter  planning

  • character by character analyses

  • scene by scene planning

  • Timeline

     Strategy is not only for writing. I use strategy in every area of my life. Each area needs a plan that is broken down and analysed. Why, who, how, when, and where… each of these questions may have more than one context in a given question.

   How do we tackle strategy failures? I will cover this in next week’s newsletter. Have a lovely week.


For more tips on story planning, go to:


Well that is all for this week.

Take Care

Cecelia J.


* Acknowledgement : Strategy. 2018. Wikipedia.












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