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When Our strategies fail - we only fail if we give up without a fight.

August 27, 2018


     Whether long-term goals or daily to-do lists, for success, strategising needs to be used in all areas of our life:


2. Recreation.

3. Personal goals.

     Like fishing bait, some strategies do not work. This article addresses some strategies to consider to reach your goal.




      One experience I had that left a sour taste in my mouth was that my credit card got hit… the only way I picked it up was that none of my family have prepaid Telstra phones. Also, none of us recharges for $100! I don’t use my credit card for shopping, so have no idea how this happened.

     I reported it straight away hence the card was discontinued. The bank was very helpful. The new card was to be sent out. Since we live in a Rural area, though, it did take over a week to be replaced.

In the meantime, I had to let all my insurance policies and utility companies know… change my details… but then the headache started… some banks have a period of ten days before a company can debit from a policy holders account… so I started getting dishonour letters… which I am still trying to sort out…

     In this day and age, check your bank card details regularly for any discrepancies and report any immediately… If you do get hit, check your statements for any payments that come out of that bank card regularly because you will need to notify them.

     You may have to make manual payments until you have a new replacement card or change to a master debit card. Whichever way you go, you will need to keep an eye on your auto-payments till everything is running smoothly again.


Strategy – when it fails:

Looking at our individual year…  our life… each 24-hour day…

our hourly bank balance...  can be used either productively… or squandered with no action replay.


What if strategies fail jeopardising the plan?

   Not reaching a goal is not failure – regard it is learned knowledge.


     Our project often is not a total failure… we may need to “tweak” our strategies.

     I am sure you already have a written copy detailing your goals and strategies… in detail??? It is extremely necessary to overcome any speed bumps that we encounter to succeed.




A successful plan relies on strategies

     To reach any goal, we start with a plan. A plan needs a strategy/strategies to succeed or we will just fumble our way along blindly. Strategies give a starting point to check how or if our plan is working… a starting point to move forward if the first strategy fails.



A fallen elephant is massive compared to an ant… yet one bite at a time is all that an ant needs to dismantle the elephant…


 Without bashing yourself up:  

  1. Examine the strategies for your plan.

  2. Search and find any road bump - the issue that hindered the accomplishment of your strategy.


Analyse your current strategy.

  1. Examine the why, when, where, what, how.

  2. Does your strategy need to be broken down into smaller or do you need different strategies?

  3. Brainstorm new strategies if needed - sometimes consult others.

  4. Tweak any road bump from your previous strategies.

  5. Implement new strategy/strategies into your plan


To succeed:

Review – Re-tweak & Repeat… until Complete


Some Reminders


Each new day is a clean slate of history for us to write our life on.


Work related strategies revised:

  1. Review progress at the end of each day unless strategy bump found during the day and needs immediate attention.

  2. Implement new strategies the next day

Personal plans and their strategies:

Daily... before going to bed:

  1. Review your plan and strategies you used today – what have you accomplish?

  2. Tweak - if necessary

  3. Redefine strategies as necessary

  4. Review strategies for tomorrow

In the morning:

1. Wake up to a new day with a visual means of putting the new strategies into play.

2. Review plan for today. Add any further necessary comments or tweaks.


During the day:

  1. Keep your planner and pen where you can see it.

  2. Regularly refer to your plan and strategies throughout the day

  3. Or use an app with reminders set. 

  4. Tick off completed tasks

Result = daily focus. Ability to tweaked strategies for goals and plans.


     Our success may only be one step at a time. If we move forward… inch by inch we will dismantle each obstacle.


Avoid THAT speed bump called... plain procrastination!




To succeed:

  1.  Identify why your strategy failed

  2. brainstorm strategies to overcome any strategy bump.


  1. Your plan with your chosen new strategies!

  2. Review plan daily

  3. Tweak/change strategies as necessary

  4. Implement redefined plan as necessary

Repeat steps 2 to 5 till you succeed…


How often should we review our strategies for success?

  1. Daily

  2. weekly

  3. monthly

  4. half-yearly

  5. yearly


Continually tweaking strategies as necessary… until you succeed. Learn from others… but adapt strategies to suit you.

Strategy example regards my writing:



     Place chosen to work in a public setting… too many people interrupting… sigh! New strategy to accomplish writing needed… after examination, decide on a quiet spot at home.














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